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Pathway Grief Counseling offers professional grief counseling services for individuals, families, and organizations.

Our vision is to help our clients find and create a pathway for joy after loss.

Pathway is owned by Carmen Andrea Harris, M.A.T., GC-C.

Carmen is an Educator with a Master of Arts in Teaching, Certified Grief Counselor, Inner Healing Certified, Certified Life Coach, and Widow Coach.

Our offerings include private sessions and digital resources.

Get started by scheduling a private session or downloading our digital resource below.

To your healing, restoration, and joy!

Pathway For Joy

Grief Counseling

Navigating the journey of grief can feel overwhelming and isolating, but you don’t have to face it alone. As a Certified Grief Counselor, I offer a safe and nurturing space for individuals who are grieving the death of a loved one.

I provide a compassionate environment where you can freely express your emotions, share your memories, and honor the life of your loved one.

Whether you’re experiencing intense sadness, anger, guilt, or a mixture of emotions, I offer empathetic listening and unwavering support to help you cope with your grief.

Through guided discussions, therapeutic exercises, and supportive resources, I will empower you to explore your grief journey at your own pace and discover healthy coping mechanisms to navigate the challenges ahead.

In addition to emotional support, as a grief counselor, I provide practical guidance on how to cope with grief-related symptoms, manage stress, and cultivate self-care practices that promote healing and resilience.

My goal is to help you find comfort, solace, and a sense of peace amidst the pain of loss.

You don’t have to walk the path of grief alone.

Let me accompany you on your journey towards healing and hope.

Schedule your grief counseling session and take the first step towards healing your heart and finding peace amidst the pain.

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Digital Courses

As an Educator with a Master of Arts in Teaching, Certified Grief Counselor, and Widow Coach, I personally understand the benefits of learning how to navigate the journey of grieving, healing, & living after loss, through digital courses.

Digital courses offer flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own environment, which can be especially beneficial during times of grief when your routines may be disrupted.

Our digital courses provide a wealth of resources, including videos, exercises, and worksheets, that address various aspects of grief and healing, catering to different learning styles and needs.

Also, they cover a range of topics beyond just coping with loss, such as self-care practices, managing emotions, finding meaning after loss, and rebuilding your life, offering a holistic approach to healing.

Explore our digital course options and select the one that currently works best for you.


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